"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knockout Punch

I have lost a few rounds... BUT I WON THIS ONE!!!!

So I know I have been AWOL (or perhaps MIA) from the blog scene for the last little bit... But today I have a blog-worthy post.

I will try to set the stage a little bit for you. My freshman year at BYU I often found myself studying at the Law Library (lovingly called the lawbrary), it had a nice atmosphere, was really close to the dorms etc. Then my sophomore year I found myself at the HBLL (Pronounced "H- bell" -BYU talk for Harold B. Lee Library), with a brief stint on the fourth floor, a little rendez-vous on the first and then I set up permanent residence in the Periodicals. This year, my junior year, I have maintained that residency and have even found myself the perfect table.

This table is far enough away from the front that tons of people don't walk by, but far enough away from the windows that I don't get distracted or daydream about rolling down the hill. I have a perfect view when the shelves move (it really is exciting) and basically it is just the best table.

So I thought I had pretty clearly marked my territory, if you will, but then one day, a day that will live in infamy (ok that might have been a bit dramatic), I was returning to my table after class and there was this guy there. I know. He was even in my exact seat. But it was a fairly crowded day, so I figured I would just let it pass this once and just join him at the table, which I did. He then tried to make some sort of small talk, which I ever-so-politely responded to with inarticulate mumblings and grunts, and I figured the next day all would go back to normal.

Oh was I wrong. Next day I show up first thing in the morning, some variation on "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" and the library was fairly empty (as it usually is in the morning) but MY table was not. Empty, that is. Aforementioned dude was totally at my table. Not cool.

So I had no other choice but to locate myself at the table right next to his (by "his" I really mean MINE), so that I could still glare at him. As you can imagine, this little "table war" has been going on for the last few weeks now. Sometimes I win, sometimes he does. Sometimes most of the tables will be empty except for MY table.

Yesterday was an all-time low when I got to the library even earlier than usual but he beat me to it. So I plopped down in the vicinity and he thought he would rub salt in the wound by "whispering" (I put it in quotes because it was like stage whispering- there was nothing quiet about it) with his little buddy.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to relinquish rights to the table, find a new place to call home and move on. Until this morning. I felt victorious enough to post a blog about it. I think I might have scared him away! (victory dance). Actually, there are only two other people here so I could probably do a silent VICTORY DANCE not in parenthesis, just go for it and they wouldn't even notice. Nobody is even here and best of all- HE ISN'T HERE. I GOT MY TABLE. Roundhouse kick to the face. Knockout punch.