"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Never could I get sick of being here. Never. Today we went on an awesome "hike" that included precisely one hill, Primrose Hill, and it was beautiful. Very itchy though. We explored Regent's Park and Camden Market. I chased some various birds at Regent's and almost got my foot taken off by an angry swan, but I learned a valuable lesson not to harrass the swans.

And old British lady surprised us by making faces and dancing around whilst her daughter took a picture of us. She was trying to get us to smile bigger and it definitely worked.

FLIRTED with hot British guy working at Frog. Got a good laugh out of that, as did my POC (partner in crime) Shelisa.

I already love all of the people that I came with- bunch of kindred spirits. Oh, and no pictures tonight because it is pretty impossible at the Centre so I will have to go elsewhere to do it, so you will have to wait.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, April 29th: Wedding Day

I'll try to put some pictures up tomorrow of my experience at THE wedding. But just a few favorites of the day:
1. Seeing two guys dressed up as King and Queen (falsetto included)
2. Being at BUCKINGHAM PALACE, or at least right by it, for the wedding procession.
3. Seeing Kate, William's car, Pippa and small children, fancy people with hats, ambassadors (Spain and France for sure), the QUEEN, and many other awesome people heading to Westminster.
4. Listening to the ceremony via loudspeaker at our spot on the mall
5. Meeting friends Susan and Canan who shared their crackers and brie with us
6. Being assaulted by an old British lady (ok, maybe not quite "assaulted")
7. Watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge come back in their open carriage
8. Seeing them KISS on the balcony and the entire royal family on same balcony
9. Having champagne sprayed on me
10. Getting up at Four in the morning to allow for this all to happen (JK- not actually a favorite)
11. Getting the Evening Standard and seeing that half the pictures they have of people in the crowd were standing right by us

*if you saw some women deck ed in British things from San Diego we were right behind them.
*if you saw guys in Union Jack speedo's or swim attire, we were right across from them
*if you saw girls in wedding dresses, they were directly to the right of us
*if you saw the Drag Queen, we saw him too (see #1)

I have actual pictures on my ipod of the Queen, Kate, Kate and William, and company. That is how close we were. I felt like I got to be a part of Kate's (or as we now must say "Catherine's") fairytale.
Wedding day= better than disneyland on the magic level.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So... uh, yeah...

This blogging thing, not exactly my "cup of tea" if you will, already struggling to squeeze it in (sorry Mum but I will not be able to acquiesce your request whilst I am abroad of blogging every day). I got some awesome pictures to replace the picture taken in my bedroom wishing I were in London (see below) but then my camera broke.... so... uh, yeah. If you were wanting more details than that, these teasers might help:
- border lady almost not letting me through because my address wasn't "full" enough
- popping up from the tube to the lovely view of my bud Big Ben
- dancing at tables at local pub
- Just kidding on that last one
- Learned how British people are like their own little "castles" with "moats" (think onions...)

so...uh... yeah!