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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A London Day

As I was thinking about my day and all of the awesomeness that it was, I had the realization that it was a "London Day." Why is that, you ask? Well, let me explain.

When I was in London, every single day was filled with adventure after adventure and I got to hang out with really awesome people all the time and I had fun and learned. That is a London day. Awesome people. Awesome activities. No time to think about how tired you are. No desire to think about the things that you "really should be doing." No desire to actually DO the things that you "really should be doing." So, basically, just a fun-filled day.

(Also, I would just like to say that it is pretty late and I didn't write a paper that I should have and because of that I am suffering when it comes to proper usage of the English language, so I apologize if there are any sentences that contain egregious errors).

The surprising thing about THE day, the infamous day (and in this instance we are going with the definition provided by Ned Nederlander that infamous means "more than famous"), is that it started out as an ordinary day, one might even use the term boring to describe the projected outcome for the day. I only had one set activity for the day and then a very lengthy list of things that I ought to do.

I started off decently on the things I should be doing list. I went to the temple and it was nice, a little crowded even for a Saturday. Then I went to the gym. That is when I should have maybe started picking up on the hint that the day was going to be good because the movie "Life As We Know It" was on. And that movie is funny. I like funny.

A little after the whole sweating and panting thing, I went home and showered like some people sometimes do after gym time. Then I received a phone call from a dear friend inviting Kathryn (my roommate) and I to a Vocal Point concert. We happily, cluelesslly for me, accepted the invitation and prepared ourselves.

I will confess I have never heard Vocal Point and if I am being perfectly honest, I just figured they were overhyped, overrated, whatever singers. I sat next to a guy in my New Testament class who was in the group and I never thought too much about it.

Um.... I was wrong. They were brilliant. Beyond brilliant really. I was amazed. And wildly entertained. Desperately swooning. I know the short, clipped phrases are probably starting to get old, but honestly, I was so blown away that I feel they adequately express (and perhaps mirror) my heart as it continuously stopped because it was so amazing. I want to marry Vocal Point. (Note: You might have noticed that I did not narrow out a specific singer from the group and that is because I would marry any of them. I would say all, but we LDS people already have a hard time disassociating ourselves with the whole polygamy thing...).

The only bad part about the concert was that it made me late to my LATIN DANCING LESSON. Yes, just in case you couldn't quite see the bolded type, let me reiterate. LATIN DANCING LESSON. What?! Yeah, baby.

Just a little background to this... recently in my singles ward we had a Service Auction. People donated cans of food and the grams of protein in the cans gave them a certain amount of points. People also donated "services" and other things and with their can points, people could bid on services. So people donated things like, "Do two loads of laundry" or "Make dinner for an apartment" or other such cute things. One of the services donated was "Two latin dancing lessons." Luckily, I was the auctioneer person (Vanna-style of course!) and so when this treasure of a service item appeared I made sure to speed up the whole process of "going-going-gone... SOLD!" to the lady in the sequins. (I was wearing sequins at the time).

So I go over to my latin dance instructor's apartment and we cleared the dance space. (*giggle* *tehehehehe*). He taught me four basic latin dances and then we worked on them. It was so much fun and though I might have been appallingly bad, he was very kind and encouraging. And it was pretty much just like the best thing ever. Heaven.

You are probably thinking by now that I have had so much fun that I should probably save some for other people. Or perhaps crawl into my bed to recover? Or maybe even actually buckle down and do those things on that dratted to-do list. But did I? NO! No I didn't.

I went to Timpview High School and saw "Thoroughly Modern Millie." And it was delightful. Also really fitting with the whole "London day" thing because the best way to end your day in London was to go see a play! Millie was incredible and it was really fun to see all of the people from my home ward in the play. They were all wonderful. I also always love seeing my old choir teacher and drama teacher (Mr. Larson and Mr. Brower, respectively), they are very talented men and I was quite lucky to get to work with them in my past. Kathryn had to put up with my reminsicings about ol' times and popping out of the trapdoor and such. Good times.

Then. If you can even handle it, I will tell you what happened next. We got in the car and Adele's "Someone Like You" was on the radio. Not just once, but twice. One right after the other. Different stations, of course, but the perfect song to pour-our-souls-out-in-song-to. And oh did we ever. Both times.

In the London days, when we went to see a play we always went and got some gelato or ice cream or something to end with (who am i kidding- we did that not just when we saw plays...oopsie). So to keep with the tradition, I went with a friend in the ward to get some ice cream. Or I guess technically it was a "malt" from the Malt Shoppe. Peanut Butter. Yummy.

Did I do write my paper? Maybe not... Did I learn the new Italian tense I intended to? Maybe not so much... Did I have a ridiculously awesome day that reminded me of my London days? YES. Did I do anything that wasn't at a high level of awesome? NOPE. That is what I'm talking about. A little taste of London in Provo. It can happen.

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