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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Billowing Robes

So apparently I am most apt to blog when I am avoiding some other assignment. Last time it was a sunday school lesson, this time it is a paper. Oopsie. But just to give an update of the last few days, in typical fashion of course:
- Taught Sunday School and it went pretty well, we had fun (or at least I did)
- Saw Les Miserables (!!!!!!!!!!). It was incredible, though I will admit, wasn't too impressed with Fantine
- Went to Hampton Court. Super cool and they hand out robes for people to wear whilst they are wandering the court and they weren't going to let us have them because we were in such a big group, but I snuck one. I chose Tudor Green. At one point, they billowed behind me as I walked in the courtyard. Truly one of the most exciting moments of my life.
- Visited the stuffed animal collection of Darwin- and not the "stuffed" you would want to cuddle with. Like science experiment stuffed. Yummy. But really cool to see Down House, because for our class we just read a book about Charles and Emma.
- Sketched at the Courtauld Gallery, wasn't my favorite musuem, but still cool.
- Sketched at the National Gallery, and no, all of this sketching isn't making my skill any better, I am still just as bad as I ever was, still get a good chuckle out of my sketches though- always good for a laugh (name that movie!)
- Watched the new "Emma" and I am never watching the Gwnyeth version again. This one was seriously so much better, and Mr. Knightley was a winner (girls- Emma party when I get back? Yes? k, cool!)
- Still wishing I had my billowy green robe to wear around

You probably have noticed, but I have just sort of given up on the whole picture thing, so.. yeah... over and out.

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