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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My New Hero

Lest you think that London spring is all fun and games... Just kidding! It really is all fun. We do still have homework and stuff, but it is really quite enjoyable and very rewarding. When I first found out what classes were being offered for my term in London I was amazed at how perfect they were, an English class and an art class. But now that I am here and actually taking them, I realize how truly perfect they really are. But seriously.

The curriculum for both classes is completely designed for being in London and it has been fantastic. For the art class we go to a different museum about every week and we are supposed to pick one piece of art that we just really like and one that we aren't quite as fond of, and then we sketch them and analyze them. Yeah. For reals. I know that I draw a pretty mean turtle, but that is about as far as my artistic abilities extend. I still get a laugh out of that one. Luckily, we aren't graded on the quality of our sketches... just sayin. But I have definitely realized the merit in having us sketch, because it really forces me to look at all the little details, and generally appreciate the artist much, much more.

So I was at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) yesterday and I had found the perfect paintings to sketch, but then when I went back later to sketch that gallery happened to be closed. So I found some new sculptures to sketch and plopped down in front of one of them (just picture it). Then a museum lady comes and brings me like this little stool thing that people use who are probably actually good at sketching. I felt legit though. I made sure she couldn't actually see what I was doing on my little sketch pad because I was worried that if she actually saw she would take my stool away because I wasn't worthy of it.

For English we have read a book about Lady Jane Grey (Nine Days a Queen), Treasure Island, and a book about Shackleton (Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World). I have loved all of these for different reasons, and I just finished Shipwreck today and the story is truly remarkable. Shackleton was an inspiration. My favorite quote from him was, "It might have been different if we'd had only ourselves to think about... But if you're a leader, a fellow that other fellows look to, you've got to keep going." Isn't that awesome?! I would totally recommend Shipwreck, and it is a true story (Ah! Dorothy Gish. True story, name that movie!). He is totally my new hero.

Anyway, just a quick highlight tour from the last few days:
- Abbey Road
- Portobello Road
- Soho (saw where William Blake was born, not the actual spot, but you get the idea)
- V&A

Still trying to figure out how to get pictures to download. I tried something new but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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