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Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Awesome (and attractive)

Just a few "awesome" things from the last few days...
- my new camera arrived (and just in time for my ipod to stop working). Awesome.
- Seeing Cinderella at the Royal Opera House and getting upgraded from 20 pound seats to 90 pound seats. So awesome.
- Greenwich. Awesomely awesome.
- St. Paul's Supertour. Totally awesome (as you might imagine from something with "supertour" in the title)
- Riding along the Thames in a clipper. Awesome.
- Samuel Johnson's House. Awthum.
- Sketching at the National Gallery. Awesomely funny (when you sketch at a public place, people tend to look, you can imagine their surprise as they saw my attempts at sketching).
- SEEING ADMIRAL HORATIO NELSON'S ACTUAL COAT (with authentic battle damage! name that movie!) at the Maritime National Museum. I guess his whole outfit is usually there, but it wasn't there yesterday, but they even have a sock with real BLOOD on it. Not his blood, it was his secretary's blood, still pretty cool though. It literally did have "authentic battle damage" though and supposedly it also even had grease from his pigtail and he refused to wash it because it had "the exertions which I made and the anxiety which I felt" all over that lovely thing. SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME.
- Making the super intelligent comment of "Well... I have a map with like.. things on it..." You might not actually think that is funny, but it really was. Not just another pretty face. Awesome.
- Seeing the Lion King. Seriously Awesome.
- Having really great Professors and their spouses (Crowes and the Millers). SO AWESOME.

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