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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can I get an Amen!

We had church today at the Kennington ward and it was awesome. Most of the people were from Ghana or Nigeria and there were a handful originally from England. I am going to be a youth sunday school teacher, sort of. People in the ward love BYU students and we were like celebrity status. We all head to bear our testimonies too which I was grateful for the opportunity.

A few of my favorites:
- two people mentioning the Will and Kate wedding in their testimonies
- taking the tube to church
- a boy named Duke getting very excited about the Illuminati and Free Masons and wanting an "american" perspective
- getting lots of hugs
- a guy quoting a Wordsworth poem (Ode: Intimations of Immortality) in sacrament meeting- I would highly recommend this poem if anyone is looking for a little poetry reading!

I have also discovered that I have London allergies. Super fun. But the sky was beautiful tonight and I was sitting outside 27 Palace Court admiring the view when I thought of the perfect poem for the occasion (because obviously there is a perfect poem for every occasion)! So I ran inside and grabbed it, along with a few other girls, and we read it on the steps. It is called "Nocturnal Reverie" by British poet Anne Finch (and of course her name has an "e" because with an "e" is so much more refined- name that movie?!). Still no pictures, I tried but with no success, my bad...

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