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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skinny dippin in Bath

Just know that as I post this blog, I really should be writing my sunday school lesson for tomorrow. But I will give you the highlight tour of our recent "vacation." If you hate bulleted (or I guess dashed, as the case may be) lists, I apologize, but they just make life so much easier. And no, we didn't really skinnydip in Bath.

Day One:
- We were supposed to leave the Centre at 8:00, so of course, we didnt actually leave until about 8:45
- By 9:03 we were all terribly sick of the bus. Just kidding (kind of).
-After this, time all ran together, so I will have only time approximations, nothing specific
Sometime after 12:00 we visited Stonehenge, and just in case you were wondering- "henge" means hanging, so Stonehenge means "Hanging stones." Aren't you glad you now know that?
- After Stonehenge we went to this truly idyllic little place called Avebury Circle. I had a little run in with some stinging nettle but it was worth it.
- We have a professor that loves locks, so we saw the Caen Hill Locks
- Then after a lot more driving we finally arrived at the Bristol Youth Hostel. We all laughed because at the hostel we actually had showers that offered a little privacy (the showers at the Centre are see-through)
- walked around Bristol a little, LOVE Bristol.
- saw that the musical "Jekyll and Hyde" was playing. Got super pumped up because I have never seen it and love the music, and it just happened to be playing while we were there. What are the chances???
- giggled with Amy, Shelisa, and Kaylee in our bunkbeds at the hostel before bed

Day Two:
- you bored yet? yeah, sorry...
- We left first thing in the morning to Bath, loved the drive, so pretty.
- Checked out the Roman Baths- laughed that they tell us NOT to even touch the water under ANY circumstances, and then give us all a drink at the end. Yummy.
- Had a Cornish pastie- Harry Potter style, fed it mostly to crows who seriously got into a fight over it until a seagull came along and scared them away
- Went and checked out the Royal Crescent and the Circus, clapped three times on and looked like fools (Rick told us to)
- Checked out the Assembly Halls, pretended to have a dance
- Went to Thomas Gainsborough's house
- Went to the Jane Austen Centre and where she lived, took a picture with a dude dressed up in period dress and he wanted to do a "Charlie's Angels" pose with me. Chuckled over that.
- Went to an Abbey and the lady asked me if I was italian. Nicest thing ever.
- Returned to Bristol and went to get tickets for "Jekyll and Hyde"
- went and saw Jekyll and Hyde, was NOT what I was expecting, at all
- Very, very scandalous, the girl sitting next to me probably got bruises from me squeezing her leg.
- Really good music though, I must say.
- I wish I could express how truly funny this experience was, but I would prefer not to go into detail, and you prefer that too, just trust me. Good times.
- Went home, still laughing, laughed some more.
- One of the bunkmates made some remark about "another flippin' cathedral." Bahaha.
-Giggled some more

Day three:
- left late again, struggled with the count-off again (some people just could NOT remember their numbers!)
- Beautiful drive to Wales
- TINTERN ABBEY, that's what I'm talking about!!! Or as they say in Welsh, Abaty Tyndryn.
- Relished reading Wordsworth's poem inspired by the Abbey, got in trouble for climbing on the rocks- oopsie (now i feel really bad, bad llama)
- Got back on the bus, was really sad to do it
- went to Chipping Camden and the Cotswolds
- went on a lovely hike, Blockley to Batsfield, had another run-in with some stinging nettle
- got back on the bus and went back to Bristol, very pumped to be back in Bristol. Love me some Bristol

Day Four:
- got up (not very happily, just sayin), and found some Banksy located around Bristol. Saw two, went back to the hostel to finish up some last-minute packing
- Got on the bus, yay.
- Went to Wells Cathedral (another "flippin' Cathedral"), tap-danced on some dead people (picture documentation to prove it)
- William Penn once gave a little sermon there or something, don't remember the specifics, oopsie
- everybody was late getting back on the bus, once again
- drove to Durdle Door Beach
- hiked up a mountain and down the side, it was worth it.
- Read some "Dover Beach" at Durdle Door Beach, not quite the same beach, but same idea
- made an offering to our new bff Sulis Minerva, who we learned all about at the Roman Baths
- hiked back up
- suffered some serious BGA (big group anxiety) as people were seriously late (!)
-Finally got back to the Centre just before ten, very glad to be back

It was a super cool trip, sorry if you got bored with the details!

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