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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good thing...

Good thing I have the best mother EVER! just sayin!
They don't actually have "Mother's Day" in the UK, so I felt like I missed out on the "seniors giving the mother's day talk deal." But I'll cope, cuz I went to church in London. Suckawhaaa??

Since seven is the most magically powerful number, and my mother is obviously magic, here are the top seven reasons why my mother is wonderful.

1. She is one of the funniest people I know, for sure. Hands down.
2. She dccomplishes everything with style and pinache and I have always admired that.
3. She is always ready to do something fun and makes everything exciting.
4. (I would still like her if she weren't) but I think she is absolutely beautiful and I think she gets prettier every year.
5. She is the best mother bear around. My mom could SOOOO take yours (she can take pretty much anyone).
6. She is the best supporter ever.
7. She puts Mary Poppins to shame.

Love you mother!

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